Organic coconut flour 1kg resulting from equitable trade

Bag 1kg

Our organic coconut flour is made from freshly harvested coconut meat from a Fair Trade industry. The flesh is pressed to extract the oil, dried and ground into a fine powder.
This flour obtained from the fruit of the "Tree of Life", as it is known in Asia, is naturally gluten-free and rich in fiber (31g of fiber per 100g).
11,70 €
  • threshold of exemption from payment 100 €*
    *With DPD Relay Point.

Our coconut flour is used in various culinary preparations (sauces, desserts ...) and can replace all or part of your usual flour. Simply mix with water to obtain a delicious light and digestible milk.


100% organic coconut flour * from fair trade
*product from Organic Farming


Energy: 1830 kJ - 4420 kcal
Fat 27.6g including saturated fat 25g, carbohydrates 18.6g including sugars 16.2g, fiber 31g, protein 14.3g, salt 0.16g

Certified Organic Farming by ECOCERT.
Resulting from equitable trade 
Naturally gluten-free.
Work directly with our producers.
Carbon offset product.
Conditioned in France.