Organic 5 peppers grinder 48G

Conquering flavours with the 5 berry organic pepper blend!

This recipe of 5 flavours will enhance the character of your dishes for the greatest pleasure of your taste buds!

Piper Longum or Long Pepper was discovered in the foothills of the Himalayas where it grows wild. Cultivated for its particular flavour and very fragrant aroma, reminiscent of cinnamon and coriander, it is a perfect match for white pepper, the most pungent, black pepper, very aromatic, pink pepper, an almost sweet stave, and green pepper, which is more fruity than strong.

Thanks to its aromatic power, this blend will awaken the flavour of your dishes.

As we select quality ingredients from far away origins, we have decided to set up a carbon contribution process where the purchase of credits allows us to finance projects that limit or avoid a similar amount of CO2 emissions. The final packaging of the products is carried out in France, near our home in Provence, in specialised workshops.

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It is ideal for flavouring all your dishes and seasoning your salads, meat, fish, grilled meats, cheeses or any other culinary preparations.

Store in a dry place.

Working directly with producers
Packaged in France
Carbon contribution: Our ingredients are unique and sometimes come from far away, which is why all our imports are carbon offset.
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