Manuka honey IAA15+ throat spray*

Manuka honey IAA15+ throat and mouth spray, IAA15 + with 3 plants, propolis and wild manuka essential oil.

9,70 €

Certified organic by Ecocert toothpaste sensitive gums

Sensitive gums toothpaste with organic certified IAA15 + manuka honey, active repairing and antibacterial.
Fluoride free. Certified organic by Ecocert  

6,99 €

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 950ml resulting from equitable trade

First range of organic Virgin Coconut Oil resulting from equitable trade  in a very innovative and practical packaging.
Origin : Asia.
Elected Best Organic Product 2017 in France !

20,20 €

Certified organic by Ecocert whitening toothpaste manuka honey IAA15+

Organic certified by Ecocert whitening toothpaste with manuka honey IAA15+ to foster the whiteness and radiance of the teeth.

6,99 €

Certified organic by Ecocert toothpaste plaque control

The certified organic by Ecocert toothpaste care tartar control with manuka honey IAA15+ to clean effectively and help eliminate plaque. 
Fluorine free.

6,99 €

Manuka Honey IAA10+ Lozenges

These lozenges are made up of manuka honey 10+ carefully chosen for their antibacterial efficiency.

9,00 €

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Organic superfruits mix 400g

Organic dried goji berries from Tibet, organic dried mulberries, organic dried cranberries, organic dried inca berries, organic dried pomegranate seeds.
Best Organic Product 2014

19,00 €

Organic certified by Ecocert Ultra repair cream 20% manuka honey IAA15+

Certified organic by Ecocert ultra repair cream for baby with IAA®15 + Active Manuka Honey, repairing and antibacterial active ingredient.


12,00 €

Organic coconut blossom sugar 1kg

Organic coconut blossom sugar 1kg

15,60 €

Manuka Honey IAA5+ - 500g

This honey offers you the first levels of the unique manuka factor. The manuka honey IAA® 5+ contains a minimum of 83mg/kg of MGO.

41,00 €